Artist Statement

I paint from a visual source, versus purely from imagination. Mostly that visual source is nature, and mostly the paintings are executed on site - although I occasionally work from other sources such as photographs or newspaper clippings. I rely on rhythms, shapes, colors, and textures from these sources to compose semi-abstract paintings. The input I receive from the source material keeps the painting on a cohesive path. I translate what I see - I don't reproduce it - splitting my allegiance between the source and the painting surface.

In 2020 I introduced an additional step to my work. Whereas the first step involves engaging with a visual source and using paint to respond to it, the second step involves adding a layer of graffiti-like marks in response to the painting itself. I see it as a sort of collaboration with myself. This was inspired in part by Jasper Johns’ saying “Take an object. Do something to it. Do something else to it.” My process leans on traditional plein air practices, the spontaneity & physicality of abstract expressionism, and street art’s brash mark making.