• Painting sub structure

    Any painting that is on a panel will be mounted in the below manner. This includes most of the paintings in the 'Graffiti-ish' gallery.

    Paintings on canvas are wrapped on a stretcher, then framed similarly to the below detail.

    Click on a painting in the galleries to see its materials.

  • Cradle detail

    Cradle detail

    Detail of painting on panel, permanently mounted to wood cradle.

    The cradle lends stability and dimension to the painting.

    Sturdy hanging hardware is attached to the cradle, and the painting can be hung just like this if you like a clean, unmodified look.

  • Frame detail

    Frame detail

    Once the painted panel is permanently mounted to the cradle, a frame is attached to the cradle. It is 2 1/4" deep hemlock, and is screwed into the cradle from the back. It can be removed if you decide to reframe, or refinish this frame at a later date.

  • Hanging hardware

    Hanging hardware

    This shows the hanging hardware on the back of the painting, as well as more detail on how the frame mounts to the painting's cradle.

  • Crate detail

    Crate detail

    Your painting is packed snug as a bug into a sturdy shipping crate, wrapped in acid free paper and waterproof plastic, then padded all around for safe shipping anywhere on the planet. Bubble wrap will sit on top of the painting, and then the top panel of the crate is attached with screws for easy removal when it reaches your home. Voila! Ready to hang!

  • Finished piece

    Finished piece

    Here's how the finished piece looks after taking it out of the crate and hanging it on your wall. (See how impressed your pet will be?)