Purchase A Painting:

Email me if you are interested in purchasing a painting from this site or if you would like to see more work in my studio.  I can accept PayPal, credit card, or cash.  If you are outside of Oregon you can email me to coordinate shipping and payment, or you can visit the Saatchi Gallery link below for a simple way to purchase.

Another way to buy:

Visit my page at Saatchi Online.  There you can view paintings to scale in a virtual room, purchase my original paintings and have them shipped to your door, or purchase high quality prints at affordable prices.

Commission A Painting:

If you are interested in commissioning work, here's how i like to do it:

Give me an idea which of my pieces you like, for reference.

Let me know if you have a place in mind for me to paint (family farm, favorite park, etc.) or a photo you would like me to work from as a reference (bear in mind the looseness of my paintings...)

Tell me what size you want.  Check formula below to calculate the price.

Then I will paint a couple of paintings for you to review.

In exchange for the long-leash on my creative freedom, you have no obligation to buy.

You control the size and source material, I do the rest.  If you don't like it, no worries!  I will hang onto it for future exhibition.  If you do, well, then we both win!

Shoot me an email (click contact link above) and we can work out the details.

Here is a commission I did for a dear friend in 2013, as memorial for his son.  It was the most challenging and rewarding commission I have ever performed.  This is TC:


In the summer of 2013 I was commissioned to paint the view from my clients' lake cabin.  They chose the top painting:


In Fall 2012 a client asked for an abstract interpretation of the Hong Kong MTR map to commemorate their family's summer there.
  They chose the top one.  Paintings are each 38" x 58".


To estimate the price of a commissioned painting:

Add height and width in inches and multiply by 12.75

Example: 24” by 30” = 54 x 12.75 = $690.00